Sportito: Draft your football team, join the contests and win cash prizes


If you ever dreamt of being in Wenger’s shoes and manage a football team, then here is your chance to do it virtually and win real cash prizes, daily!

We are introducing Sportito – a thriving daily fantasy sports platform based in the UK. They are taking traditional fantasy sports to a new level with more benefits to the players and making it exciting. And the best thing is, you have the chance to win even if you are a beginner.

The contests on Sportito are available for Premier League, Championship, Champions League, Europa League, MLS and many more football leagues and tournaments. And they will last a day or a week, so as soon as the real time match finishes, your contest results will be out and you have the chance to withdraw your money without waiting the whole season to finish – isn’t it exciting to win every week or even every day?You can draft your favourite football team on Sportito with players from any league and with no salary cap restriction. And you can join the available contests to compete with the other Sportito fans or your friends. The player with the highest points wins the contest and the prize money can be withdrawn immediately.

Contest entry fee is little as £2 and there are also free entry contests available for you to master your skills before you spend any money. You can play Sportito on device, whenever and wherever you want. Choosing the contests, choosing the players and managing them is all under your control. Sportito provides you the platform to play real fantasy football, unlike the many other traditional fantasy football providers.

Sign up on Sportito for free and show you are better than any Premier League manager to manage the teams!


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