James Rodriguez – could the Colombian superstar still be Wenger’s madness?

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James Rodriguez – could the Colombian superstar still be Wenger’s madness?

With the now imminent signings of Mustafi and Perez, we have spent almost £100m in the transfer market, something which clearly makes Le Boss uneasy, but could there be even more to come?

In his press conference yesterday, Wenger mentioned he expected the final week of the transfer window to be ‘frenetic’, so perhaps even with Xhaka, Holding, Asano, Nwalaki, Perez and Mustafi, he’s still not done.

Nwakali and Asano are expected to be loaned out, the latter has already been shipped out to Stuttgart. So, with Walcott misfiring, could his position be the next Arsene Wenger wants to improve?

Arsenal fans are a very demanding bunch, and we are very good at piecing together non-stories and bluff, and creating a new link, but could this one have some legs?

Zinedine Zidane has more or less said Rodriguez is surplus to requirements in recent weeks. The Colombian hasn’t exactly set the world alight to the Bernabeu, so could he be the madness, at last?

Ornstein has hinted that we have huge funds if required, Wenger hinted he wasn’t quite finished, and other journalists have also been intimating there could be at least one more in (and a few more outs, sadly).


James Rodriguez in the Arsenal shirt

As we get to the last week of the transfer window, the record spend already been broken, it looks like the usual craziness will be kicking off, with Jim White already out and about on Sky Sports, looking like Phillip Schofield’s zombie corpse in a suit and yellow tie.

Zidane said: “Until August 31st anything can happen. I’m sure no-one else is going to arrive but players could leave…” Ooh! I hear you cry!

However, there’s also strong rumours that Rodriguez has bought a house in Turin, fuelling rumours that Juventus are set to land the player. Booo! But the Juventus boss has said in the Daily Star, that a move is unlikely. Yay!

Zidine also acknowledged James has played less and less since the French manager’s arrival, so who knows, for the right price, and if Wenger continues to rid on the crest of this spending wave, could we be all set to move for the marquee signing who could placate even the most fervent anti-Wenger Arsenal fan?


Article Published: Saturday, August 27, 2016 1:07 PM

Author: Ian H.
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