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ArsenalShorts Friday Round Up…

With just two days to go until we play our first game, it doesn’t look like we will be fielding any new players.

Arsene Wenger, this morning confirmed Laurent Koscielny will not feature as ‘he’s not ready’ and the centre back pairing looking most likely is that of Calum Chambers, and a baptism of fire, Premier League debut for Bob Holding, a far cry from when used to present Blockbusters.

Euro 2016 has also taken it’s toll on both Ozil and Giroud who you’d hope to see next weekend against Leicester. He also mentioned Gabriel is out for a few weeks as expected, and that Per is definitely out for 4 months, but wouldn’t answer questions about Mustafi coming in.

It looks like Mustafi has been left out of Valencia’s squad this weekend, and also missed their friendly with the Nigerian All-Stars this week. The word on the Twitter street is that we are almost over the line, with just the price to agree on, looking like he’ll be an Arsenal player in the 2 – 5 days, depending on which paper you read.

Another issue which seems to have been concerning most Arsenal fans, is the non-renewal of contracts for big players, namely Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. Sir Wenger said in his press conference this morning, that there is nothing to worry about on this score:

“At the moment we have priorities, and most of the time contract extensions are done outside the transfer window because it gives you a bit more time and focus on that…”

Anyway, we’ll see on the transfer(s) soon I’m sure, but the time for all this is almost over, and it’s time to let our football do the talking on the pitch.

Let’s hope we can kick off the season with a win, spend next week regrouping, then welcome back Ozil, Oli, Kozzer and hopefully Mustafi, and get back to winning games and finishing above Spurs (and everyone else hopefully!)


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Saturday, August 13, 2016 10:50 PM

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