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Just back from holiday, and since I’ve been away we have signed Jamie Vardy, lost him, won him back, then not signed him, and are now waiting for him to sign.

Amazing that people are moaning that we are trying to sign arguably the best player last season from the Champions, saying he’s too old or not good enough. Imagine if we were signing Aguero, or one of Chelsea’s amazing players, who I can’t think of right now? Vardy would be great for us, and although he’s 29, anyone remember some over-the-hill, 28 year old we signed way back when, Ian something something something, whatever happened to him?

Anyway, the latest on the deal seems to be that Jamie Vardy will decide after England’s involvement in the European Championships, and given, our last game is on the 20th of June, we shouldn’t have to wait too long…

Other rumours doing the rounds today, are that we are after Mahrez as well, I’ve read we’re after N’Golo Kante as well, and also that Vardy is staying at Leicester, so as always, people making stuff up left, right and centre, hoping something sticks so it looks like they know what they’re on about. The other rumour knocking about is that we may have made a move for Dortmund’s Henrikh Mkhitarayan, who has reportedly turned down the chance to stay with the Germans, so silly season well and truly underway!

Anyone else think Gary Lineker is making himself look a bit (more) tinpot, with tweets like this: https://twitter.com/GaryLineker/status/740168132514418689 especially as he’s supposed to be impartial, where MOTD is concerned, don’t suppose he’d be saying the same if it was Spurs in for a Leicester player.

More shortly reader(s)!


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