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Festive Fixture Changes

Premier League

Seeing as we are still the most exciting Premier League team to watch, the world has ever seen, six of our Christmas games have been moved to TV slots. The West Brom game on Boxing Day remains at 3pm, as I had a word with AW and asked him to leave it as it fits in with my plans.

Changes are as follows:

  • 03/12/16 West Ham United v Arsenal KO 5:30pm
    Live on BT Sport.
  • 13/12/16 Everton v Arsenal KO 7.45pm
    Live on BT Sport
  • 18/12/16 Manchester City v Arsenal KO 4pm
    Live on Sky Sports
  • 01/01/17 Arsenal v Crystal Palace KO 4pm
    Live on Sky Sports
  • 03/01/17 Bournemouth v Arsenal KO 7.45pm
    Live on Sky Sports
  • 22/01/17 Arsenal v Burnley KO 1.30pm
    Live on Sky Sports (this game could still be moved if certain obscure permutations arise in the EFL Cup surrounding Southampton still being in it, wait, what…?)

ArsenalShorts takes no responsibility for any wasted journeys to games based on the above information, check the official site for proper details. All information correct at the time of copying and pasting.


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