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The ArsenalShorts Post TDD Thursday Round Up

As you’d expect, today is pretty quiet, it will be like this now until January, where it all ramps up again. Our transfer window was pretty good for me, I’d not have loaned out Jack Wilshere, he’s possibly our current Mr. Arsenal. He’s the red and white glue who holds our globe-trotting internationals together, he knows what we think of Tottenham, and he’s been there since he was 9.

However, there’s clearly more to this move than meets the eye, is it his non-selection for England which has sped this move up, perhaps? I guess we’ll never know, let’s hope this strange move is a good one for all parties, and we’re not left regretting it when our whole midfield gets injured as Sam Allardyce in his mobility scooter mounts the kerb and ploughs through them all at a bus stop, after 11 pints of San Miguel, one Wednesday night in Stoke.

There’s still some shrapnels of madness floating about this morning, some claiming that Liverpool offered us Daniel Sturridge on loan, then changed their mind and said he wasn’t available. Them crazy Scousers and their amazing sense of humour. Also, that Yaya Sanogo was blocked a loan move by Arsene Wenger, who obviously sees something in the striker than not many of us can see.

Anyway, our very own Mesut Ozil, pays no mind to the transfer window, despite him being the best ever player to feature in it, and the best ever story and moment ever to come out of the bi-annual event created by Sky Sports.

He and his new Arsenal team mate Skhodran Mustafi both played for Germany last night in a friendly, and Ozil got on the scoresheet as the Germans ran out 2-0 winners. Mustafi looked to be injured (sigh) but he was soon on his feet and completed the game.

It was also Bastian Schweinsteiger’s final game for Germany, but that’s none of our business.

That’ll do for now – more later reader(s).


Article Published: Friday, September 2, 2016 10:12 AM

Author: Ian H.
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