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Arsenal 3-4 Liverpool … here we go again!

Well, there it is. The inevitable defeat, it had it all, a missed penalty, another injury to a key player, the only thing missing was a red card and ban for someone to compound our miserable start to the season.

Wenger blames the squad for not being ready, the fans blame Wenger. Only ‘senior’ signing doesn’t start the game, key area where we are short remains unfilled. Area which could and should be strengthened remains untouched and players are drafted into unfamiliar positions. As always, ArseBlog says all this better than we can – they use a great supermarket analogy – and just to add to this, I see us right now as the old lady waiting around that bit in the fridge aisle, waiting for the out of date Kallstroms to be reduced so we can pounce…

This all has a pungent familiarity about it, opening game, not ready, players with pre-season hangovers, we’re already 3 points behind United, City, Liverpool with Chelsea to play tonight. All of the other teams have managed, Liverpool managed to beat us, City coped, United coped, buoyed by their big signings. However, you can see why Spurs struggled though, their players stretched every sinew of their being, pulled every muscle, threw their bodies on the line for England against Iceland, but even they managed to salvage a point despite their weariness…

Why does it have to be this way? We all pay our £60/£100/£150 for a ticket when we can afford it (I remember when it used to be £4) people are paying £000’s for their season tickets, we are getting the TV money, the huge Puma deal, debts are managed. West Ham are bidding £50m for players, so where has all of our money gone, because it certainly hasn’t gone into improving the squad like it should?

I would suggest someone has a patented Warchest Syphoning device rigged up round the back of ours. Police are looking for a mustachioed man with a very bad wig, £10 reward.

Anyway, we find ourselves in a familiar position, unprepared for the start of the season and already making up ground. A host of injuries, and no captain because he’s injured too…

What a mess, oh, welcome back to the Premier League, reader(s)…

Article Published: Monday, August 15, 2016 1:36 PM

Author: Aje M.
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