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MLS All Stars 1-2 The Arsenal

Chuba Akpom scored a late winner as we became the first London club to defeat the MLS All Stars last night (today – whatever), something Spurs and Chelsea have never done, ahem…

Joel Campbell won a penalty early doors, and dispatched it with one of those crazy stuttery run ups which make it look like your Sky box is buffering. As things looked positive, on 47 minutes, Didier Drogba (of course) levelled things up with his third attempt, poking home after some pinball wizardry in the six yard zone as they Americans probably call it.

As you’d expect the game was literally riddled with substitutions, and the second half, Arsene bought on a host of promising youngsters, The Jeff, Willock, Akpom etc etc and it was a combination of these players which helped Akpom to net the winner with just a few minutes left on the clock. Minute by minute guide here…

Xhaka was brilliant, Rob Holding was amazing, almost scoring on his debut, the side looked fresh and sharp, the Ox looked good, Cech made some good saves, Beliik also looked solid at the back.

Theo on the other hand, I want to give him second chance after second chance (think he’s on his 89th second chance), but he just seems to have lost it. He’s fit, fast and gets into great positions, but his decision making is poor, perhaps Chris Waddle was right after all, and you don’t say that every day!

Next up the Guadalajara Mexican Bandits on Monday morning at 2am UK time. Staying up until 1am on a Thursday is one thing, knowing you have to just muddle through a Friday, waking up at 2am on a Monday morning is another thing – let’s see how that goes!

Hats off to all the Americans, Aussies and anyone else around the world who get up early/late etc to watch our games through the season!


29th July 2016 : 11:10am

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