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Footballers with gambling problems

They are young, they have money and fame, their work is to bring the audience one of the greatest shows on the planet – football matches. Millions of fans look at them with admiration and a little bit of jealousy. Eventually, when you stick to this rhythm of life, you start wasting money and humour your fancy. One can of course set limits when he’s short of finances but what if one had simply enormous sum of cash to spend? Sure thing, he would throw them on heaps of entertainment. And so they do. But expectedly, this leads to a series of consequences.

How the troubles usually occur

As some of the football stars admit, after they found themselves involved in gambling lots of troubles began to occur, both financial and personal. The fact is when footballers are on tour they are not allowed to be engaged into any other sort of activity rather than training. Unlike general opinion, their career sets strict limitations that players are forced to comply with. As a way to escape their ‘harsh’ reality lots of sportsmen start playing online casinos. They find it a good opportunity to release steam and entertain oneself. But as the bets rise up the risk of losing a great sum also increases…

Personal confessions

The players state that some of them lost up to 2 million pounds on gambling facilities. Michael Chopra confessed once that he lost something from 1.5 to 2 million pounds on casinos. “The first bets are usually the worst bets. And the more you earn, the more you gamble”, – those were his words.

Keith Gillespie (Manchester United, Newcastle United) stated he had squandered 7.2 million pounds in total on gambling. “Once you get caught in it, it takes all of the wits out of you’, – that’s what he said.

It’s better to choose a safer way

Many also admit that when not training for matches they prefer live action rather than online casino games. That’s because they don’t like hiding behind the screen and enjoy being in public. Surely this approach has its benefits, but in what refers to money savings, online slots are still much safer way to gamble.

If we speak of the casinos like Eurogrand casino online or 777spinslot.com, those don’t even require registration to start playing. Most of slots they offer are free no deposit. Basically, playing there requires no money at all. And thus, the risk is reduced to zero. One would say it is a perfect opportunity not just for footballers, but for everyone else to test their luck and get skills. If you’d like to know more about the safer way of gambling there’s a good chance to try one by following the link http://777spinslot.com. There are huge multi-player tournaments held each day there. So one day you may get a chance to play with a famous footballer too. If so, make his misfortune be your huge winning 😉


Published: 20th July 2016

Author: Ian H.
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