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How Does Theo Walcott Prepare for a Big Match?

Top footballers are under enormous pressure to achieve success on the field. Many of them are paid ridiculous sums of money by wealthy Premier League clubs, so it is not surprising when fans become resentful after a key game is lost or the player has a poor season.

Training is vital if players are to maximize their potential. You or I would probably head to the gym a couple of times a week or hire a personal trainer if we wanted to hit a specific goal, but for a professional footballer, consistent hard work and targeted training is essential. So how does Theo Walcott prepare for his big matches?

Training Preparation

For all Arsenal players, there will be training on the morning of the day before a big match. Once training is over, players have to go through a recovery routine that involves massages, stretching, and if there is any tightness, ice baths.

Diet is very important in the 24 hours before a big match. Players like Walcott will typically drink a protein shake after the final training session, followed by a healthy lunch. They then carb load and hydrate with lots of water. In the final few hours, water is replaced with electrolyte drinks to provide extra fuel for the game.

Psychological Preparation

Nerves can be a big problem prior to a big match. Players are under a lot of pressure, so they need to find a way to relax. Walcott’s formula for playing well is to remember it is a team game and play with a smile. Sleep is also important prior to an important game. Football is a physically demanding sport and players will try to sleep well the night before the match. If it is an evening game, Walcott may even have an afternoon nap to recharge his batteries.

The Life and Career of Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott may not have reached his potential, but he is still a player with a great deal of raw talent. After being signed at the age of 17 for £9.1 million, Walcott has been with Arsenal for 10 years now. Unfortunately, thanks to a cruciate knee ligament injury, Walcott did not make the cut when Roy Hodgson announced his team for Euro 2016. Sadly, it feels as if Walcott has never quite lived up to his early promise, and at the age of 27, time is running out fast.

Walcott has been with the gunners for longer than any other player has. He showed his promise back in 2012 when Arsenal were two goals down. Walcott hit back and the team won 5:2. He was Arsenal’s top scorer the following season, but injury struck and Walcott has never quite bounced back.

Still, there is always hope. Leicester’s brightest spark, Jamie Vardy, had not played any high level football before the age of 27. On the other hand, cruciate knee ligament injuries do not bode well for any footballer and many a career has hit the skids in the wake of such an injury.


Published: 14th July 2016

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