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Arsenal 1-1 Palace…

After being in the The Rocket before the game, and seeing some Arsenal fans celebrating a Spurs title win (well, West Ham scoring anyway), things couldn’t get any worse, could they?

Well, seeing as this season is literally the season from hell, then yes, yes they could. Every game has a predictability about it this season, hats full of chances, no end product, fighting to score a second, undone on the break, dropped points or ultimately losing. Ring any bells, lads?

Alexis Sanchez had put us a head with a decent header after some great work from Danny Welbeck, getting to the ball before Hennessey and looping the ball in and, like the week before at West Ham, at home v Swansea, last minute against Liverpool, and … etc etc, we were hit on the break fairly late on, with Adebayor of all people feeding Bolasie to score past Cech to make it 1-1.

In days of old, when we were fighting for things or for 3rd/4th place or needed something out of the bag, there was a game changer supersub bought on, the crowd got going, a tactical tweak, or we put so much pressure on that a goal was inevitable, but now… well, we’re screwed.

The goal, the pressure, the supersub didn’t happen as tbh we don’t have one, and as soon as Cech failed to reach Bolasie’s low shot, you know we’d messed up again.

However, in better news, somewhere, somehow, we have been given, yet another lifeline with Newcastle drawing with Man City on Monday, leaving us just a point behind with a game in hand, and only 4 games to go.

Let’s not forget, should City get their first Champions League win, with us in 4th place, we’d get Spurssed, so 3rd place is a must and with Man City still to visit, this season is far from over, and tomorrow night at home to West Brom might be a good place to start picking up the pieces of what is proving to be a nightmare season, a season which could be about to get a whole lot worse. STOP PRESS, pressure is now on even more, with Man United sitting just a point below us. 4th is no longer nailed on.

10 Ways this Season could get a whole lot worse:

1. Spurs win the league.

2. We drop points v West Brom in front of 11 fans, See 1.

3. We finish 4th and Man City win the Champions League and See 1.

4. Ozil/Sanchez leave and See 1.

5. See 1.

6. See 1.

90293092. See 1.



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