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Round-Up, Transfers

| January 6th 2016

Happy New January Transfer Window!

Welcome back people, hope you both had a great Christmas and New Year, especially you Terry.

The Arsenal Christmas bag was mixed, like a bag of mixed Christmas nuts, Manchester City at home was a lovely salty bag of Tesco Finest jumbo peanuts which you enjoyed with a nice whiskey to signify the beginning of the Christmas break, very significant and memorable and overly salty at the bottom of the packet with none of those weird tasting brown ones no one likes.

Southampton away was the nut inside the rancid nut sack of a sweaty old tramp who supported Chelsea and Tottenham who’d not washed for 3 months and lived in a doorway in Stoke.

It was then back at home against Bournemouth, which was like a nicely salted pack of cashews, which accompanied a nice cold beer – remember that brown stuff we’re not allowed until February.

New kit leaked? That square inch you can see looks amazing.

Newcastle at home, was also a nice yet frustrating nut, perhaps those nice almonds that Asda used to sell. They were BBQ flavoured in a red packet but they don’t sell them any more, diamond house something something.

Anyway, 9 points out of 12 isn’t too bad a return, all our home games won, no new injuries, so not too shabby at all.

Mmmm nuts (apart from the Southampton ones).

Walk Like an Egyptian…

Instead of waiting until January 31st like we usually do, Arsenal have taken the unusual step of buying a player in good time with minimal fuss and without the special need of Jim White.

It’s thought we’re set to unveil 23 year old Mohammed Elneny as our first (of many) January signings this week, and he could slot straight into our squad for the FA Cup tie with Sunderland this weekend. He’s a defensive midfielder who will cover for Arteta who will cover for Flamini who covers at the moment for Francis Coquelin and it’s hoped he’ll be unveiled this week as a £7m signing from Basel…

Here’s a new blog for you to try… hope you like it.

Quick Round Up…

In other news, Serge Gnabry has returned from his loan spell at West Brom, who turned down a loan move for Debuchy. Mikel Arteta is not injured any more (as of 3:20pm Weds), Sanchez and Tomas Rosicky are both back and running and could even feature this weekend. Santi and Le Coq are out until mid-Feb, Le Coq could be back sooner, Wilshere and Welbz are still Diaby’d and 3 weeks away…


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